Building your Dream house. Many People who buy Land often have a hard time financing the purchase of a piece of property with no existing structure on it . Often time Banks and lending institutions don’t want to loan money for Land only without an exiting house or on the actual property. Building a new house on land requires financing for construction. How do construction loans work ? These loans are not offered by every lending institution. Many large mortgage companies like fannie mae lend for existing houses already.

Many banks or credit unions will finance the land only purchase as they understood the local market and said it would require a down payment of 30-40%

Finding a bank or financing for a Construction only loan can also be challenging. Meaning If you own the Land already but with no house on it, which banks will lend you money to put a house up?

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“Now that the construction project is complete I want to tell you how pleased we are with the outcome as well as with your employees who were involved with us. We will readily recommend David to our neighbors and will certainly contract with you again.”  

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